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The following photographs were taken on 25th and 27th December 2000


 St. Giles Church on Christmas Day. I first noticed this daffodil in flower on the 21st December but it was pouring down with rain and I didn't have a camera with me. I have never before seen daffodils in flower this early.

 Wrexham Water World

 Wrexham Town Centre

 Charles Street


 The Elephant & Casle pub in Charles Street. This was one of the old town pubs that had remained largely unchanged since the 60s. Sadly it cloded in 2000. We await news on its future. The new Tesco store can be seen in the distance.

Developments in Wrexham town centre and the surrounding suburbs continued apace through the year 2000.

 The new Tesco Extra store adjacent to St. Georges Crescent.

Note the ridiculous cycle path on the right hand picture. This is one of many hilarious attempts by the council to provide safe cycleways around the town. Fortunately cyclist rarely use them; otherwise there would be frequent serious accidents between cyclists and pedestrians who are often not aware that they are walking on a cycle path. This is a particularly good example of an ill thought out effort. It is hazardous for pedestrians and useless for cyclists. I once sawe an elderly gentleman attempting to cycle along this section. He had a number of close shaves with pedesrians before finally giving up to become a pedestrian with a bike!

There are many good things happening in the town but the sooner these unsightly and useless markings are removed the better for everyone.

 The new roundabout at the entrance to Tesco. The Victoria pub and the War memorial Club were demolished to make way for this, and Kirbys Ford premises was demolished to make way for the Tesco filling station.

The new War Memorial Club can be seen on the right in this picture.



 The old Asda store at Eagles Meadow just after it closed in September 2000

 The new Asda store - December 2000

 Minera Mountain with the Council Offices and BHS in the foreground.

GOOD NEWS - Wrexham Lager rises from the ashes

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