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I know this is an unusual place to include a footnote, but I think it is the best place for it on this occasion.

Since this site was last updated, I have taken the drastic step of leaving my employer of over 27 years and have set up a web design and Internet services company, Oraica Ltd. We design business websites and provide high quality hosting services. Please click the link below and visit our website for further information.

I am unlikely to find time to update this site for some time, so it remains more or less as it was in January 2001. Nevertheless, I hope you will find it interesting.

The site is now hosted by Oraica Ltd

I can't believe how long it is since I edited this page (02/03/04). I'm not going to do much now except for adding this link to my Facebook profile. (17/03/10)

Peter Leslie

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I have created the site partly for my own benefit to learn more about web page authoring but also as an attempt to pass on some of the photographic knowledge I have accumulated over the years. I intend to build up the photo album section to include pictures of the thirty or so Greek Islands I have visited with my wife Jude since we became hooked on the country over twenty years ago. I will also include some from the Caribbean Islands, Gambia and the Middle East.

Here's a few tasters. If you like them why not take a look at the Photo Album by clicking on the menu button on the left.

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If you are considering visiting any of the places covered and need any specific information, why not send me an email. I'll do my best to help.

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Lamin Lodge



The Carnege

Bridgetown, Barbados


The Chora

Folegandros, Greece

The web site dedicated to providing technical information in plain English.

This website shows how far we have come in digital photography since 2000 and as such has become a historic document!

Our Home Town - Wrexham, North Wales

The Changing Face of Wrexham

A look at the major development work under way in our home town.

See later developments on www.virtualwrexham.co.uk

Llangollen Balloon Festival

Click the picture for a gallery of further shots

The Eclipse 11 August 1999

Pictures taken with a Sony Mavica FD81

Christmas Party 28 December 2003

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