Petra, Jordan


In 1974, I travelled with my friend Karl on our "Grand Tour" across Europe and through Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and back to Greece. From there, when the money ran out, we took the Magic Bus from Athens to London.

The highlight was the day and night we spend with Salama Salman and his family, who lived in a cave in Petra. Some of the pictures above show us with the family.

In March 2004, I returned to Petra with my wife Jude. I took copies of the pictures with me and was amazed to be able to make contact with two of the people in the pictures!

Even more amazing was the fact that they knew the pictures well. I had sent some to them on my return in 1974 and, when they were moved out of Petra and re-housed by the Government some time later, they had displayed the pictures on a wall to remind them of their old home.

In gallery 1 below you will see me with the small boy in the two top centre pictures (Petra20.jpg).

In the gallery 2 you will see my wife with the boy I am holding in the centre right picture above (DSCN0433.jpg). Both are also in the picture Petra19.jpg in Gallery 1.

There is also a picture of me standing outside the cave. Gallery 1, Petra16.jpg.


Petra Revisited




Gallery 1 (Scans from transparencies taken with an Olympus Trip 35, 1978 vintage)

Gallery 2 (Digital images taken with a Nikon Coolpix 5400, 2003 vintage)

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